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Soon it’ll be time to enjoy our gardens long into the evening! And, now that the days are getting longer and we’ve got more time to spend in the garden, it’s an ideal time to make over your space and create the perfect place to host and entertain.

Our outdoor spaces are an extension of our homes – and be it family days enjoying the rays or an evening of hosting with friends, easily extend your indoor space to outdoors and follow our top six hacks to transform your garden ready for the new season!

Create a cosy atmosphere in your outdoor space and invite guests to relax and linger longer! Incorporate soft elements like rugs, cushions, blankets, and even patio heaters to bring warmth and comfort. So, even when there’s a bout of classic British weather, you can enjoy entertaining outdoors.

Illuminate pathways with stake lighting to guide guests and highlight your favourite garden features. Drape festoon lights in trees or along your garden fence to create an ambiance perfect for alfresco dining or a romantic evening under the stars. Experiment with different techniques to create depth and interest in your space.

Never underestimate the impact a water feature can have on your space! Not only does the soothing sound of trickling water create a peaceful atmosphere, but they also look fantastic too! Whether mains or solar powered, we have some fantastic options available in store to suit any style!

Think about your garden throughout the seasons! Add evergreen plants and enjoy a reliable backdrop that provides structure and colour regardless of the time of year. Don’t forget – strategically placed greenery can also help minimise unwanted noise and create a private and peaceful place to relax. Some of our favourite evergreens are rhododendron, mahonia, photinia or cotoneasters.

You don’t need a large spanning garden to add colour and structure. Utilise your vertical space by incorporating climbers! They can quickly cover walls or trellises adding visual interest to areas that need a little TLC! Climbing plants not only soften hardscapes but also provide habitats for beneficial insects and wildlife.

Potted plants can take a drab corner from dull to dazzling! Use containers to brighten up specific areas within your garden. Plus, a colourful container means you don’t have to wait around for the plants to bloom!

Take inspiration from the seasons! Stay up to date with seasonal colours to keep your space feeling fresh and on trend. In spring we love yellows and pastel colours, and as we head into the warmer months hot pinks and oranges take centre stage!

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