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Have a happyhomegrown summer for 2024! The satisfaction of growing your own produce is unmatched for any gardener. And, whether you’re sowing in a greenhouse or directly into the ground, now is the perfect time to turn your hand to growing your own produce! All it takes is sunshinesoil and a little bit of perseverance.

Our team have picked their favourite ‘easy to grow’ fruits and vegetables that are not only super tasty but give you a real sense of achievement, from seed to harvest!

Courgettes are a favourite of many gardeners! They are known for being easy to grow and are a crop that provide a great harvest. Not only that, their bright yellow flowers, often eaten raw in salads or as a garnish, can be harvested along with the fruits themselves!

An extremely versatile vegetable that can be added to almost any dish! Most varieties will need plant support to help them grow unless you choose a dwarf type. Peas can provide harvests from June right through to October, making them a wonderful addition to your garden veggie patch!

Top tip – For maximum sweetness, eat instantly after picking!

To be enjoyed fresh on a summer salad, cooked into a pasta sauce or diced into a relish, this adaptable fruit is a great crop for first time growers.  Beginners may benefit from growing ‘bush’ varieties as opposed to ‘upright’ varieties as these plants do not require extra growing support and maintenance. With a plethora of varieties to choose from, there’s certainly a tomato plant to suit your taste!

Strawberries are very happy in a shelteredsunny spot and do well in the groundcontainers or hanging baskets! Our favourite way to eat them is when they’ve been freshly picked and warmed from the sunshine – or with lashings of cream and sugar! Did you know just one strawberry plant can give you an endless supply of strawberries for years to come? When your plant produces a runnertrim it and pot it up to create a brand new plant! It’s that easy…

Lettuce is one of the fastest growing vegetables with some leaf varieties growing to full size within just 30 days! Great for tucking in between larger crops if you’re short on space, lettuce will also grow in containers but be sure it doesn’t dry out! It’s always best to harvest your lettuce before it goes to seed and starts to flower, this avoids it going bitter!

Super quick and easy to grow from seed, you can enjoy the peppery taste of a home-grown radish in just four weeks after sowing from seed! They are another great gap filler and can be sown in the smallest of spaces.

Sow in succession!

This way, your plants won’t all be ready to harvest at the same time so, sow them weeks apart to get harvests week after week!

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