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As we prepare ourselves for the shorter, cooler days ahead let’s not forget that our houseplants also need to adapt to the change in seasons. Jane, one of our houseplant experts, has pulled together her top five tips for your indoor plants over next few months. Not even the colder months can stop us from enjoying an indoor jungle!

With lower daylight levels try placing your houseplants near windows! A porchconservatory or south/west facing windowsills all great places for your houseplants as long as it’s not too cold! We’d recommend keeping them between 12-18°C!

Plants dislike fluctuations in temperature so keep them away from cold draughts and heat sources like radiators and fires. Central heating dries the air so increase humidity around the plant by misting or placing on a tray of wet pebbles.

Your houseplants will need less watering during the coming months, so check that the top 2 inches of compost is dry before wateringCacti and succulents will need even lesbs frequency and don’t forget to use water that is tepid or at room temperature.

Growth is reduced during autumn and winter, some plants enter a dormant phase meaning they slow down their growing process and instead put energy into strengthening their root systems. It may look a little sad or lose some leaves, but this is natural way of coping with the changes and there is no need to feed them until spring (which is also the best time to re-pot if needed!)

Large leafy plants will benefit from being wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust and allowing more light onto the foliage. Keep a look out for common household pests like spider mites or aphids that might like to come inside the home for winter, and remove them or treat with suitable pest control.

If you’re in need of some houseplant advice, pop in store and speak to our expert team – they really know their stuff!

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