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We were recently the first garden centre group in the UK to accredit our own sustainability training, and the programme is a great success. Steph, Head of Sustainability has engaged 105 learners in the training, which totals to 210 carbon-reducing pledges, this amazing number of pledges could conserve enough energy to power 750 homes for a whole year!

Steph said “Teaching our Carbon Literacy Training has been an incredible journey so far, it’s great to equip the team with the knowledge and tools to make a real difference in supporting a reduction of carbon emissions. Our teams’ are thinking BIG, and their efforts and determination, leading a wave of positive climate change action, both for the business and personally. And they’re just getting started!”

Our team has been so inspired by the carbon-reducing pledges that they have taken it upon themselves to create a ‘Pledge Shed’. This shed is located in our sundries department at Tong Garden Centre, and it showcases a variety of pledges that our team members have made to reduce their carbon footprint. Customers can visit the shed and discover some great ideas for reducing their carbon footprint, as well as learn about the inspiring messages of environmentally friendly practices. The team are thrilled to be able to share their passion for making a positive impact on the environment with our customers.

The team members who have attended the training have created carbon-reducing pledges that are tailored to their roles or personal lives. These pledges include cycling to work, reducing laminating, and choosing to go meat-free on Mondays. We believe that these small changes can make a big impact on the environment, and we’re proud to showcase them on our interactive Pledge Shed display. Customers can explore the display and discover inspiring messages about wildlife and environmentally friendly practices, as well as spot some of our team members’ pledges.

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